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Explosion Class — Bursting boundaries
Klasse Explosion — Grenzen sprengen
2011, University of Applied Arts Vienna

›Explosion Class‹ emerged out of the blue. Its challenge was to present selected art and design projects from students of all disciplines in a digital pop-up space during the university's annual exhibition The Essence. Explosive works were exhibited online at the university’s homepage and on the project’s website


Call for entries


Online pop-up exhibition during THE ESSENCE at

The Essence Magazine

Anonymous critic

An explosion is a sudden and largely uncontrolled release of energy. The class embodies the elements of classification and systematization. The combination of the two opposing aspects causes an outburst of creativity. Explosion Class ended in smoke when the exhibition closed. Traces of the unexpected outburst still exist in the World Wide Web.

Project team: Luna Al-Mousli, Elsa Bachmeyer, Tobias Egger, Marie Fegerl, Peter Hausegger, Gerhard Jordan, Pia Scharler, Christian Schlager, Marie-Christine Schmid, Sarah Schögler Selected artists: Luna Al-Mousli, Hjalti Axelsson, Baptiste Jacob Bernard, Francesco Ciccolella, Clemens Conditt, Jenny Dausien, Anita Duller, Tobias Egger, Elisabeth Falkinger, Marie Fegerl, Milena Georgieva, Peter Hausegger, Max Horejs, Daniel Jordan, Gerhard Jordan, Susanne Kober, Peter Moosgaard, Lukas Novak, SBAKO, Pia Scharler, Christian Schlager, Marie-Christine Schmidt, Katharina Swoboda, Tal Sznicer, Sabina Teichert, Yamuna Valenta, Ivan Vuksanov, David Weissenböck Project lead: Univ.-Lekt. Elisabeth Kopf