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Curious things will happen soon ...
2021+, University of Applied Arts Vienna International Programmes in Sustainable Developments Department of Digital Arts

Change can be the result of surprise, or the aim of a plan. Transformation is the major global challenge of our times in order to sustain stability of the plantary balance. And it is a natural force of evolution, which is the laboratory for the young scientists and digital artists Micol Merlin Agnieszka Zagraba Youngjoo Jang To be continued.

1. Dream (Chinese: mèng, German: Traum)
Elisabeth Kopf and Christian Leitner, university lecturers IPSD ⤑

2. Ink painting experiments
Micol Merlin, Elisabeth Kopf, Gari Janzarik

3. Virus — Vision — Visum

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Micol Merlin
Fragile — Handle with Care
3-D model of an outdoor installation on a scale of 1:4

Inspired by a warning symbol from the product packaging industry.

Reality Goggles

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Agnieszka Zagraba
Arduino / Processing installation

"If you pull on the grass, it doesn’t grow faster". (African saying)
In nature, there are laws we can not overrule. Even though we have ideas and plans to make nature serving us, it will always find its own way, nevermind of whether we like it or not. The installation is based on the topic of this relation — grass made out of plastic, that is also an interface to communicate with the video.

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Youngjoo Jang
GREE/Y Apartment
Model of an eco sufficient apartment

GREE/Y (Green + Grey) is a DIY concept of how to harvest water, farm food, generate energy, and purify biowaste in standard households.

To be continued.